Plan Your Move

Plan Your Move, VA, MD, DC

Moving PlanIt is important that you plan out your move at least a month ahead of time to ensure that everything goes smoothly. At AA Movers, we suggest you do the following things:

Four weeks before your residential or business move, you should make an appointment with AA Movers. Make sure that you browse around your home or office to figure out what things will be trashed or given away and what things will be packed up for the move. You should also give your health care provider and dentist a call to see if they can recommend someone in the area that you will be moving to. Of course, if you have school-aged children, you can set up for them to be transferred. Other important things that should be transferred are personal insurance records and homeowner’s insurance.

Moving Tips

Around two and three weeks before the big move, you should plan to use up the food, so that there isn’t any left over. Any appliances that you’ll be taking with you should be serviced beforehand. If you have gas appliances, plan to give away the propane. It isn’t safe to travel with aerosols, flammables, ammunition or corrosives. Any reservations that need to be made should be done around this time as well. Make sure that you contact the post office and notify them of your address change, so that mail can be forwarded to your new home or office. You should also contact your cable and electric companies to let them know to either turn off or transfer your services to your new place.

About a week prior to your relocation, you should ensure that everything is packed up. Some things you may want to bring along on your trip include maps, snacks, games, flashlight and any other items you may find handy. Drain out the water from your water hose and the gas from your lawnmower, so that nothing leaks while being transported. If AA Movers will be packing your items, keep them where they are (i.e. glassware in the cabinets). This will be easier and simpler for our movers.

The day of and day before your move, double check that everything is in order. Your refrigerator should be defrosted, cleaned and dried by this time. If you need more information about planning your move, you can give AA Movers a call or browse our web site for moving planning tips.


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