4 Signs It’s Time To Hire Drain Cleaning Services Providers

drain cleaning services

Since they are often out of sight, they are the last thing in the minds of most homeowners

Unfortunately, just like the other parts of the house, the drains need attention, and if you don’t give them the attention at the right time, you risk your home grinding to a halt.

Would you love to catch the issues while they are in their early stages? Here are four signs you should look out for as given by drain cleaning services providers:

The drains are slow

If you have had your drains for long enough, you must have come across slow drains. Slow drains are common when your sink has clogged. They present themselves as a drain that will clear but can’t keep up with the sink.

If the water builds up, then slowly lowers down the drain, you have a slow drain. This means you have a partial blockage in the pipes.

The blockage can go away with time, but if large, you have to come up with measures to get rid of it.

If you don’t fix it early enough, you have a more significant blockage that will be costly to get rid of.

In most cases, partial blockages aren’t self-curing, so you should take action as soon as possible.

Try to clear the clog by pouring hot water down the sink. You can also use a plunger. If this doesn’t fix it, ask a professional to help you out.

The drain lines keep on clogging

Most homes experience one to five drain clogs every year. In most cases, these are normal and aren’t a sign of anything serious.

While this is the case, if you experience clogs several times a week, you most likely have a structural problem with your lines, and you need to hire an expert to look into it.

When you have clogs several times a week, you might be having a deeper systemic problem or even a structural pipe defect. You also might be having a big clog deep in your drains.

Do you have an old home? The pipes might be corroding hence the incessant clogs.

You can get rid of the large clogging materials using a drain auger, but for best results, let an expert handle it.

You have sewer smells

Sewer smells are a bad sign. They are brought about by many factors that include:

Stagnant sewer water: If there is dirty water lying in your pipes, it means you have a clog, or the pipe is damaged. Don’t try to find the reason for the clog. Let a professional handle it.

Loose or missing caps or plugs: The smells will also come about when the caps or plugs on the drain lines aren’t tightly connected. Loose-fitting plugs or caps on the trap or clean-out will allow the sewer gases to escape.

If it’s long since you gave attention to the caps and plugs, it’s time to do it. Tighten them. You can also buy new caps or plugs, and the smell will go away.

Dried out drain traps or sewer trap: This is the least likely reason the sewer lines will smell. A dried-out trap will lose its water barrier, allowing sewer gases to pass through. To fix the sewer smell issue, pour water into the dried out drain, and the water barrier will get back into place.

Gurgling noises

Do the drains make noises as the water goes down? The gurgling noises are due to a clog that is causing oxygen to bubble back up to the surface.

The noises are a sign of a partial clog. You need to contact the local drain cleaning services Manhattan providers to fix the problem before you have full-blown blockages.

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