Can Bath Salts Block Drains?

If you have had an exacting day or an intense exercise routine, a slow warm soak is the first thing on your mind when you get home – and adding a ball of a fizzy, colorful bath bomb into this equation might be the climax of it all. 

Imagine slowly lowering yourself into that warm and soothing cosmic swirl of colors! It indeed feels like stepping into heaven’s door.

Nothing can match that at that moment. But have you ever thought about what effect your cherished bath salts do on your drains? Can bath salts block drains? Let’s find out. 

What Happens to Your Drains After Using Bath Salts

Yes! Bath bombs form an essential part of a bathing ritual for many people, especially when you need a minute to chill and unwind a stressful day. But behind the scenes, these salts are a menace to your drainage system. 

According to drain cleaning services providers, the main reason why this happens is because some of the ingredients used in making bath bombs do not dissolve completely. Although most main ingredients like Epsom salt (essential for soothing and relaxing sore muscles) and baking soda dissolved in water, other components like glitter and confetti used for the color do not readily dissolve. 

Together with the residual oils, these components leave behind residue that sticks on the inside of the drainage pipes. Over time, this residual collect hairs and other debris to cause serious drain blockages. 

The problem is even escalated for people with septic systems. The synthetic ingredients in these lovely baths rituals are not friendly to the science behind septic systems. The residual oils and fragrances can accumulate in the tanks, clogging effluent filters. The results are super slow drainage and sometimes back sewage backups through the indoor fixtures. 

How to Safely Enjoy Your Cosmic Baths Without Risking Your Drainage System

Luckily, there is a solution. You do not need to throw your only source of joy out the window just yet. It is possible to have your cake and eat it!

All you need is to be vigilant and take a few steps to ensure that your drains remain healthy even after your indulgence. 

Here are a few steps that you can take to keep things clean and safe. 

  • Use a sieve to prevent large items from going down the drain. You can either use a nylon sock to tie up the bomb before throwing it into the tab. This way, all the good things will go into the water, and the drain enemies will be jailed inside the sock. Win-win situation. Alternatively, Use a bath drainer with finer sieves to keep the big debris from going down the drain. 
  • Use a manual sieve. If you are into more extravagance and you like your baths with floating flowers petals and confetti, be prepared to do a bit more work. You will need to manually sieve off the components before you drain the water from the tab. After removing the most significant chunk, ensure that you use the bath drainer’s nylon or mesh screen to block the more refined residue from going down the drain. 
  • Use vinegar and warm water to clean the drain. The final and most crucial step is to clean up the drain after use. Just pour a cup full of vinegar down the drain and let it sit for a few minutes (to dissolve all residual). Then flush warm water down the drain to clear the dissolved residual. Baking soda mixed in hot water also works the same magic. 

Final thought

It is vital to keep ‘life’s little joys’ close to heart. So if bath salts give you pleasure after a long day at work, then do not worry too much about the drain and just let yourself enjoy your cosmic baths. You deserve it. 

But if you must worry, just remember that your drains will be alright with a little bit of caution and care. And if they are not, just call a local drain cleaning services Greenberg, and the problem will be solved. Just keep your bath salts close. 

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