Kitchen Countertops – Quality is the main consideration

Kitchen countertop

Choosing quality kitchen countertops

Countertops for kitchen can be quite hot topic for debate in common household. With plenty of options readily available in the market, the choice of choosing one over the other proves all the very more difficult in the modern times. The choice of countertops for afresh installation or a countertop replacement can be dependent on a variety of factors as the cost of replacement/installation, design and colors, durability and longevity as well as strength to hold on harsh treatments due to a variety of substances present in the kitchen. First of all, before starting an endeavor towards the dream countertop one should decide well in advance, the type of material he wishes to install, and look at its pros and cons in the long run.

 Choice of materials

The quartz kitchen countertops offer super-hard, low maintenance, natural looking surface to the kitchen countertop and comes in a variety of color combinations to suit the personalized choices of every household. A quartz countertop, owing to its non-porous surface is practically indestructible and bacteria free with high resistance to staining and corrosion from general kitchen products like cooking oils and household cleaning products. They offer beautiful and indestructible long term solution to the kitchen countertop troubles.Other worthy options that can be taken into consideration are the Silestone countertops. The Silestone also offers nonporous surface with practical resistance to scratch and stains and are much easier to maintain with no sealing requirement from time to time. The Silestone countertop offers natural stone like looks but have a much wider variety in terms of colors and design formations. One must keep in mind that the Silestone is not fully heatproof as natural stone countertops. Faux granite countertops offer cheaper alternative to real granite option with almost the same beauty and attractiveness to the countertop. A granite countertop is practically resistant to any material and is totally indestructible. Granite also requires less maintenance than other options and have longer durability with natural looking beautiful kitchen countertop that pleases every eye.


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