Never Do This When Cutting Down a Tree

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It pays to have a plan before you start, particularly when trying to fall a tree. Inexperience, lousy judgment, and a simple lack of caution are responsible for many felling accidents.

There is a list of dos and don’ts that you need to have at the back of your head to keep you safe. So what should you never do when cutting a tree? Read on to find out.

Never cut down a tree near a power line

This is basic safety 101. You will be seriously injured with a possible risk of being electrocuted, but you also risk causing serious trouble for your neighborhood. 

Before you cut a tree, tree services providers recommend you scan through the area and make sure there are no power lines near your selected location. If so, you need to contact your electricity company and inform them to deal with it.

Even better, you should call a tree felling company to remove it from your property safely and legally.

Never stand under or near the tree when it is falling

Before cutting down a tree, make sure you know what is around or above it. If there are houses or other structures nearby, you might have to hire a professional to do the job safely.

If there are other trees around, take care that they won’t get damaged as the tree falls. It is also essential to have an escape path that is clear of obstacles. If the tree falls in an unexpected direction, you don’t want to be caught unaware and end up being a casualty.

When determining which way the tree will fall, take into account wind speed and direction. This will help you know which direction to position yourself.

Never use improper tools

Your safety comes first when you are cutting a tree. Never compromise on safety equipment. To cut down a tree safely, you’ll need to wear protective clothing such as gloves and safety goggles. 

In addition, you should also invest in a hard hat to protect your head and ears from falling debris. 

When it comes to the tools, a chainsaw can quickly turn into a deadly weapon if you’re not careful. Proper tools are essential when you’re doing a job like this. You’ll need a chainsaw, pruning saw, and maybe even a maul or axe. 

Whatever tools you use, ensure you have the experience and proper training to use them safely. 

Remove the stump and roots after cutting down a tree

If you don’t stump up roots when cutting down a tree in your yard, you’ll end up with a lot of work on your hands later on.

Removing the stump and roots after cutting down a tree can prevent limb damage and disease transfer to your yard. Before you cut down a tree, prune it by removing dead branches only. 

Pruning one-third to two-thirds of the branches can help reduce the volume of limbs that fall. Also, leaving them there can invite rodents and other pests, which may turn into bigger problems.

To avoid all these problems, make sure to do a clean job before you end up having to find an alternative method to get rid of rodents.

Bottom Line

Most people make more mistakes than they realize when they are chopping down a tree. In short, you need a checklist to fall a tree properly. If you can’t, then you should leave it to the tree removal services Bethesda to help out. 

The risk of things going wrong is high and all end up in a fatality, so ensure you are protected before anything else. 

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