Remodeling your chimneys

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Inspect your chimneys:

Chimney inspection is essential and it should be done on a regular basis. Chimneys tend to deteriorate and wear off due to the exposure to heat and cold. Metal chimneys tend to expand and contract depending upon the climate and ultimately develop cracks in them.

While inspecting your chimneys look for cracks developed in them. Also measure the thickness of creosote on the walls of the interior walls of the chimney. If the thickness of the layer is more than 1/8th of an inch, it is time to clean. Usually chimney contractors undertake the job of chimney sweep. Also note the durability of the chimney cap. Since the chimney caps are the primary defense of the chimneys from moisture, it is necessary to protect it by doing a chimney cap repair if it needs it.

If your chimney is old and does not have a fireplace insert, it is recommended to install either a gas fireplace insert or a wood stove insert. These inserts come in different models.

What is a wood stove insert?

A wood stove insert comprises of a firebox with gas vents. This firebox can be fabricated to take the shape of the fireplace. The exhaust outlets of the firebox are connected to the chimneys to channel the exhaust fumes through the flues. A transparent barrier is created between the firebox and the outside of the room so that one can watch the fire burning.

The wood stove insert comes in two types: catalytic and non-catalytic. The non-catalytic insert is more affordable and easier to install.

There are several benefits of installing a wood stove within your fireplace. First and foremost, they reduce the consumption of fuels burnt. They also provide uniform heating of the room through the process of convection. Because of the barrier introduced between the fireplace and the room it leads to safe viewing of the fire without any risk.

Gas fireplace inserts and wood stove inserts have the same properties and functions. With so many advantages of such inserts it is advisable to install them.

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