What Is The Best Color For Kitchen Countertops?

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When renovating your home, you want everything to be perfect, from the countertop material you choose to the countertop color, you want everything to be splendid. If this is your first time installing the countertops, you must be wondering, what is the best color for kitchen countertops?

As much as we would love to point you to the best color for your granite countertops, it’s impossible as tastes vary from one person to the other. The only thing we can do is to guide you into choosing a color that will look good in your kitchen.

To help you out, here are tips on how to choose a color that is right for your countertops:

Think contrast

Have you taken time to study designer kitchens or carefully watch home makeover shows on television? You will notice that most of them feature some levels of contrast between light and dark.

For example, if the kitchen cabinets are dark, the kitchen countertops will be light and vice versa. Having dark and light elements in the house adds visual balance where the darker colors serve as anchors while the lighter colors take some of the weight off, making the room feel open and spacious.

When you are choosing the countertop colors, think about the colors already in the kitchen. If they are dark, choose a lighter countertop hue and vice versa.

Pay attention to the entire house.

When people think about how their countertops will look, they think about their kitchen. This works if you have a closed kitchen, but you should pay attention to the entire house if you have an open kitchen design.

Choose a countertop color consistent with the rest of the house to keep the house visually cohesive. This way, you make your home feel like one living space instead of individual rooms connected by doors.

When deciding on the color, bring color or shade of color from another room into the kitchen and see how it ties everything together. For example, if you have a lot of blue in your home, bring some white in the kitchen and see its looks.

Think about the light getting into the house

The light getting into the house affects the countertops’ look, so it’s an important factor to consider when choosing countertop color. The nature of the kitchen should influence the color you choose.

If the kitchen is north facing, it will feel cooler, while the south and west-facing kitchens will feel warmer.

The colors you choose will balance the light getting into the house. If you have a west facing house and receive yellow and red light, choose countertops with a green or blue tint to bring everything into balance to get a sophisticated look.

Pay attention to the style of your kitchen.

Do you have a traditional or modern kitchen? Most modern kitchens have monochromatic color schemes meaning the cabinets and countertop colors are from the same color family.

It’s also not uncommon to find kitchens with high contrast colors. For example, the cabinets will be black while the countertops are white.

If you have traditional kitchens, use softer colors. Even if you will use contrasting colors, ensure the colors aren’t overwhelming.

Consider how you will accessorize the kitchen.

It’s always good to think about how the kitchen will look at the end of the project. If it will have patterns, tone down the look with solid colors. On the other hand, if the kitchen will have a solid color, work with experienced granite contractors Rockville and find patterned countertops with a color that complements not only the kitchen but the entire house.

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