Are Old Oriental Rugs Worth Anything?

oriental rugs

Oriental rugs are beautiful additions to any home. And over the years, there has been a huge demand and their prices have constantly been rising. The better the rug is designed, the more expensive it is going to be.

From face view, Oriental rugs may not look like they are worth anything, which begs the question: are old Oriental rugs worth anything? Oriental rugs can be very valuable, but they are not all worth the same. The value of a rug depends on its size, design, and quality.

If you’re looking for something unique, consider antique rugs. The quality of these rugs varies widely and depends on several factors, including:


Older rugs are rarer and more valuable than newer ones. To help you determine the value of a rug, you’ll want to find out how old it is. Or at least how long it’s been around. The older a rug, the more valuable it is. This is especially true if you find rugs that are over 100 years old.

Thread patterns in Oriental rugs will also tell you something about their age. The older a rug, the fewer threads there are. A newer rug could have as many as 200 threads per square inch; an older one might have 50 or fewer threads per square inch.

If you’re trying to figure out the value of a rug, look for traces of wear and tear. Older rugs are rougher than new ones because they’ve been walked on for decades and decades. 

Newer rugs are smoother because they’ve just been made and haven’t yet had much wear and tear put on them by humans or animals walking on them every day.


The more refined the design, the more valuable a rug is. The more solid spots there are, the less labor was involved in completing the masterpiece and, therefore, the less expensive it is going to be. Designs that include animals are also considered valuable. 

Oriental rugs are considered valuable because of the amount of time it takes to make them. The price is determined by the design and the quality of the rug, which is determined by how much work was put into making it. The older the rug, the more valuable it is.

Lastly, the quality and complexity of the rug design are important. The more detailed the design, the more expensive the rug will be. 


Today, the most common materials used to make Oriental rugs are cotton and wool, but silk is starting to make a comeback. 

Rugs used to be made by hand, and they are still costly. The reason is that the work takes a lot of time to make, hence the high prices.

In addition, some Oriental rugs are passed down to others because of their unique design and material. A history of previous owners may add to its value, particularly if it has changed hands several times.  Certain colors may also be worth more than others.

Bottom Line

If you own old traditional rugs Northern VA, there’s a good chance it’s worth a lot. However, to figure out whether your rug is an exception, you need to know something about rugs in general.

You can look at the design and material used to make the Oriental rug to help you determine its worth. Its age can water down its worth or increase it. On the other hand, if it’s a good antique owned by well-known people, its value may increase.

If it has been used for a while and has undergone wear and tear, it may not be worth much.

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