How to Fix Refrigerator Not Cooling

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Nobody likes putting drinks in the refrigerator only to end up with a not-so-cold drink. However, things happen, and your fridge may go through a hitch that prevents it from cooling.

On such days, you will need a quick fix to get your refrigerator working again. Sometimes it can be a small issue that can be easily fixed. You may not be a commercial appliances repair professional, but you need to know the basics on how to fix your refrigerator, not cooling.

Has your refrigerator stopped cooling, and are you wondering how to fix it?

Check the power connection.

Perhaps your refrigerator is not cooling because of a loose power cord or a flipped breaker that caused the fridge to shut down. Either way, both situations will have your food and drinks stagnated at the same temperature.

Check whether the light in your fridge comes on whenever you open the door. This will let you know whether the problem is in the power cord so that you can take the next step to fix it. 

If the light does not come on, check your main electrical line for a flipped breaker and turn it back on.

Check for troubleshooting options in the manual.

Every refrigerator comes with a manual that entails what to do when you encounter some common problems.

Whereas all refrigerators perform similar functions, each brand has its features and specifications on correcting them. The fixes could range from cleaning the condenser coils to adjusting the temperature settings.

Ensure you check for your brand-specific fixes to avoid causing further damage to your refrigerator.

Check your thermostat settings.

Most refrigerators already come preset with the optimal temperature range that keeps your perishables safe until you are ready to use them. 

When you have a little more than you need and overload your fridge, items can get bumped inside and change the set temperature.

When you inadvertently change the temperature, it prevents items from cooling. You simply need to reset the temperature back to safe mode.

If your refrigerator does not have a modern thermostat, you can purchase a low-cost thermostat and do a test whenever you encounter such a problem.

Check the seals on your refrigerator doors.

Whereas your refrigerator may be working fine, your foods and drinks may not be cooling if the door seals are defective.

The magnet on the seal doors keeps it airtight and locks the cool air inside. If air can escape, your food items may not cool to your expectations.

Since door seals get brittle over time with regular opening and closing, it may be time to replace them. 

You can do a simple test by putting in a note and locking the door in between. If you face some resistance, you’re good to go; if it slips easily, you need new door seals.

Unblock the air vents

For food and drinks to properly cool, they need the cold air that circulates back and forth through the vents. If there are items blocking airflow, your fridge compartment may experience inconsistent temperatures.

Check your vents and ensure they are not blocked for proper cold air circulation. 

Bottom Line

Your refrigerator not cooling doesn’t have to stress you out. Most of the time, you’ll find out that just by adjusting the temperature, checking the power connection, or clearing the vents, you will solve the problem.

Ensure to check your manual for your refrigerator brand and follow the troubleshooting options for further instructions in areas where you don’t have a clue what the problem is.

If you have tried everything and still your refrigerator isn’t cooling, have an experienced commercial refrigerators repairs professional look at it. 

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