Is a Level 2 Chimney Inspection Worth It?

Regular chimney cleaning is an essential part of keeping your fireplace (and your home) in excellent and top-shape condition. However, besides cleaning, your chimney needs regular inspection as part of annual chimney maintenance.

Chimney inspection professionals recommend it as a way to evaluate the condition of your entire chimney system to ensure that everything is in perfect condition.

But is a level two chimney inspection worth it? If you are wondering whether it is worth your bucks, you are not alone. This article will explain what level two inspection is and why it is absolutely worth it.  

What Is Level 2 Chimney Inspection

A chimney inspection describes the act of evaluating the conditions of the interior and exterior parts of the chimney. It is the fastest way to identify any signs of damage due to deterioration or any other structural issues. 

There are three levels of chimney inspection. When performing a level one inspection, you visually assess the components of the fireplace and chimney that are easily accessible -the parts of the vent system that are out of sight are not checked. Level three inspection is on the extreme side. It involves removing a portion of the entire wall to inspect the vent system and is only recommended in extreme cases. 

Level two inspection on the other hand, is a fine blend between the two. It offers a more in-depth assessment of analysis of the whole system without being too invasive and without a lot of damage. It includes the steps in level one and goes deeper to check the areas that are not readily visible – they mainly use technologies such as closed-circuit cameras to evaluate the entirety of the vent system. 

When to Do a Level Two Chimney Inspection

There are various reasons why a level two chimney inspection may be recommended. It is mainly recommended when: 

  • There is any change in the fireplace system, For example, installing a new chimney insert.
  • After severe damage to any part of the home due to factors such as extreme weather changes or fire. 
  • You move into a new property.

In such cases, a thorough inspection is an essential diagnostic tool. It will ensure that the whole system is healthy and structurally safe for use. 

The process is designed to give you a comprehensive picture of the whole venting system. The chimney expert will also check the attic and the basement for any signs of a chimney leak or any other trouble indicators. They will also inspect the flue from top to bottom to check for any flue liner damage that might otherwise go undetected. 

Why a Level 2 Inspection Is Important

Although a chimney professional will still give a thumbs-up after the inspection, a  simple level one inspection does not always guarantee that your fireplace and chimney are in top shape. A minor damage that is not detectable with the level one inspection process can easily lead to a severe safety hazard later on. 

Therefore, it is imperative to schedule a level two chimney inspection any time you feel that there is a need to – especially if you are buying or selling a house. 


Just like the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. If you are wondering whether to schedule a level two chimney inspection or whether it is worth it, we are here to confirm that it is absolutely worth it. 

The fact that you are thinking about it means that you feel the need for it. Hence, do not take any chances and go ahead and get in touch with your preferred chimney cleaning services Upper Marlboro and schedule it today. 

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